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The global economy may dip and soar, but life in Park City remains pretty stable. While we can’t claim total immunity from external economic pressures, this localized real estate market is a safe harbor to weather the storm. Why? The fundamental attractions of Park City—world class recreation, a comfortable year-round climate, convenient access and a strong sense of community—are unwavering. Together, these fundamentals will continue to create growth and stability in our market, long into the future.

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Convenient Access
Not only is it a snap to get around in Park City with our free, kid-friendly bus system, but getting here in the first place is also incredibly easy. The

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A Multi-Faceted Market
The Park City community actually comprises two markets in one. Of course, the area’s myriad resort and recreation offerings make Park City an ideal second home market. From historic district condominiums to slopeside estates, much of Park City’s real estate is owned by second home residents. However, to a much larger degree than many other resort communities, Park City also has a strong and steady primary home market. This year-round community is populated with a devoted and diverse group of local residents who give the town its colorful and unique character. These local residents comprise an entirely separate real estate market of primary, single-family homes. Because our

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Tips on How to Handle Low-Ball Offers
If you've had your home on the market for months (three to six), and you've dropped the price already, you are probably beginning to wonder how much lower you can go.  Well, someone may offer a low-ball offer, which can be 10 percent or more below the list price and involves some sort of strategic negotiations.  Before slamming the door on this offer, here are some helpful tips.

  • Don't reject the offer right away: It is important that you recognize that this is a negotiation game and the buyer is serious or he wouldn't have made an offer.
  • Analyze your own goals and needs: How much do you need to come out of this deal in order to move to your next home?  What are you going to counter? 
  • Conduct a
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Watch this video comparison of traveling to Utah versus Colorado for your ski vacation. Which one would you prefer? Just one more reason to purchase real estate in Park City or Deer Valley.

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